Ddr2 funciona em slot ddr3

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Can DDR2 ram work in a DDR1 slot

Placas de video dd2 ou dd3 tem diferença ou nao - GameVicio Existe sim diferença entre placas ddr2 e ddr3, senão me engano por exemplo a 8600gt 512mb ddr2 é pior do que a ddr3 de 256mb, as ddr3 são mais velozes, e a diferença entre uma 9500gt e uma 9600gt não é só na memória e sim em shaders, clocks... o diferencial maior vai está aí vc rodará bem melhor os jogos. Can you put DDR2 ram into a DDR3 ram slot? - EVGA Forums Due to the different pin design of DDR2 and DDR3, it will be physically impossible to put a DDR2 stick into a DDR3 slot. You will need to have DDR3 RAM. When you buy it, be sure that it runs at 1.65V or less; that's RAM designed for the X58 and P55 chipsets. Oque acontece se colocar uma memoria RAM DDR3 em placa mãe DDR2?

Você tem uma placa-mãe que aceita módulos de memória de tecnologias diferentes? Neste vídeo você verá se pode utilizar dois módulos de memória de padrões dif...

Now, of course DDR2 RAM doesn't physically fit into a DDR3 slot, but I was obviously a complete idiot and didn't notice that I tried to put DDR2 RAM into a DDR3 slot - and didn't realize the RAM wasn't seated properly (I know some people with find this quite amusing). DDR2 to DDR3 - micron.com DDR3 – How Does It Compare to DDR2? Next-generation, high-performance DDR3 pushes the envelope in key areas like power consumption, signaling speeds, and bandwidth and brings new levels of performance to desktop, notebook, and server computing applications. Below is a snapshot of how DDR3 stacks up against DDR2. Posso usar tipos de memória RAM diferentes ao ... - YouTube

El Rincon del Reparador: RAM Actuales (DDR, DDR2, DDR3)

memory - Is a DDR3 MB compatible with DDR2 RAM? - Super User Supports DDR3 SDRAM sticks, would I be correct to assume it is also compatible with DDR2 RAM? That's incorrect. DDR3 Rams are PIN & voltage incompatible. Or does it depend on the motherboard? Certain motherboards provide DDR2 & DDR3 slots, but you can use only 1 type at a time, you cannot mix and match both

É raro, mas em algumas placas Mãe existem os dois slots. Só que você terá que parar de usar a memoria DDR2. link permanente. respondeu ...

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